Welcome on our site groupgames.

The website for everyone who likes playing games. The groupgames are nice to play when you are – for example – on a weekend out with friends of family, or when you have a nice day or evening with colleagues. After 1 year hosting the dutch website it was time to offer the games to the rest of the world as well.

What do we offer ?
GroepThis website is specially for people who like to treat a group a joyful morning, afternoon of evening.

At this moment you can choose from 5 different groupgames, 4 games for adults and 1 game especially made for kids with the age of 10-12 years.

We are continuously making new games which will be added to this website. Do you have special wishes in playing games, contact us. We can probably help you on making a customized game for your situation.

 Murder on the tennisclub
This exiting Murder hunt game is a guarantee for some hours of playing fun. Your friends, family or colleagues will transformate in fanatic concurrent players. All determined to win the game. This game will also be very interactive and cozy. If people in your group don’t know another very well, this game makes them talk en connect with each other.

The murder took place on the tennisclub. Of course we can change it in the soccerclub, horseclub or anything you want. I want to know more about this murdergame!


Envelope game
If you want a special evening with family and friends, then the Envelopegame will make this possible! The group is divided into 3 or 4 teams. In 40 envelopes are questions and/or assignments which the teams have to answer/solve. Sometimes they do it on their own, sometimes against each other and sometimes against all the other teams. The questions and assignments are very different from each other. I want to know more about this Envelope game


The Challenge
The Challenge is a collection of 10 short games, in which teams play against each other. The game is about creativity, agility, acting smarter than your opponents and about paying attention. And last but not least about working together with your teammates.

The 10 games vary in time. Some will take a few minutes, some half an hour. If you decide to play all the 10 games, you’ll have 3,5 hours of gaming fun.

You don’t have much to prepare and not much necessities to start playing. I want to know more about The Challenge!


Ranking the stars
This game is made for groups who think to know each other, but will find out if they really do or not.

In one evening they play this game and are being tested if they really know each other and what they think of one another.

Surprised faces of they find out that the truth is sometimes just a little bit different than they thought it would be… Hilarious and a lot of fun are guaranteerd if you decide to play this game with your family, friends or colleagues. I want to know more about Ranking the Stars!